90210 Review: "Let the Games Begin"

The Greek games may have been the subject of "Let the Games Begin," but the real games were being played with everyone's emotions.

Once again, Naomi stole the spotlight. I don't know what it is about that girl this season but she's on fire. She gets the best lines, the best retorts, the best wardrobe and the best love triangles.

Max may have unwittingly come back because of Holly's dirty tricks, but it seemed that Naomi didn't mind one bit. I liked Max so it was a nice surprise to see him unexpectedly make an appearance. Especially when it caused Naomi to get slimed. And Austin to be bewildered for once.

I had wondered if the writers had forgotten about nerdy Max. He'd been such a big part of last season's storyline, so to just write him off and then introduce Austin as Naomi's new conquest seemed lazy. Surprise, surprise.

The reunion scene between Naomi and Max was genuinely sweet. But then again the kitchen scenes with Austin were genuinely smoldering. Can't wait to see how this manage-a-trois heats up. Read More...



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