Parenthood Review: "Clear Skies From Here on Out"

So who was making waves on "Clear Skies From Here on Out"? Just about every character on Parenthood, that's who. With the exception of Julia and Joel, there wasn't anyone unscathed in some way.  Let's break it down!

Zeek and Camille
After he booked a commercial for erectile dysfunction, the kids threw out every other "old people" product on the market (Metamucil, adult diapers, prune juice and Life Alert), but steered clear of the one thing that made them the most uncomfortable. Yep, dad peed his pants, but let's not think about the other ways he might use that thing!

I had no idea Camille was so jealous of Zeek. The thing she loves the most in him is the thing that makes her the most unhappy - his ability to see what he wants and just go for it. I hated to see her feeling so poorly about herself. It's so funny how people don't see in themselves what everyone else does. Her character has always amazed me with her strength and compassion. Read More...


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