'Ringer' recap: Birthday Bummer

If an episode of Ringer is gonna open with the ginormous, wall-sized photo of Siobhan, then I would typically be on board. I mean that’s just logic. But tonight’s Ringer was kind of a snooze…until the last like 10 minutes. Frankly, it all felt like filler, which isn’t a great sign when you’re on episode 4 of a (hopefully) 22 episode series! Hopefully, the fairy epic twist at the end will mean that the drama next week will be amped up. GIANT PORTRAITS FOR EVERYONE!

So the episode began with fake Siobhan (Bridget) having a dream in which Andrew confronted her about real Bridget’s duffel bag and driver’s license. It was all so disturbing for Siobhan especially since she had just come from a day of shopping. And then she turned around to see a mangled and seemingly dead real Siobhan, looking like she has definitely missed a spray tan or two. But then Bridget woke up and was greeted by Andrew with the nickname that makes me ears bleed, "Shiv." Oof. Turns out, today is Siobhan’s birthday which of course means it’s also Bridget’s. Remember, they’re twins! In honor of her bday, Bridget decides to head out to the Hamptons and Andrew agrees to go with her but not before she talks about taking the Jitney, which makes Andrew laugh. I’ll bet Two and a Half Men really gets him chuckling too. Read More...



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