New Girl Review: "Naked"

"Naked" cemented New Girl as my favorite new comedy of the year. It took them three episodes to find their funny groove but they found it. This episode lived up to the promise of the Pilot, and I would say even exceeded my previous expectations. It was laugh out loud funny, with some impressive performances from the cast in general. The tender moments felt earned this time, and Jess' quirkiness were on my side of tolerable.

The good. Lots of good comedy, with pitch-perfect timing, delivery and set up.

I'm kind of a sucker for British accents, especially cockney accents done in a horribly cutesy way like Jess' "Slut Butler!". I kind of had a feeling from that first scene that this was gonna be a good episode. The way she "suppressed the Jess" and turned into a hot girl worthy of being someone's fake girlfriend, yet still mixed with the Jess personality, made the meeting with Caroline particularly enjoyable. Read More...


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