'Glee' recap: Under Pressure

Too soon to call "Asian F" the best episode of the season? Okay, but it's the clear front-runner. Talk about packing it in. We had six numbers and multiple engaging story lines; I laughed, I cried, and I was even left so satisfied that I didn't register that it was an almost Sue-less episode until my second viewing.

We started out with most of the group at booty camp (including a contrite Santana, but no Rachel or Brittany), and Mercedes coming in late. She didn't seem to take the dancing practice seriously, and got a little defensive when Schuester criticized her. I didn't really find this part empowering. I mostly thought she was being bratty. I'd never seen any signs of Mercedes having difficulty dancing and I read her stumbling about as her just not trying because she didn't feel she needed to. (Side note: Throughout the night we saw Mercedes clutching her stomach and claiming not to feel well. With the increased focus on her boyfriend, was anyone else worried the writers were telegraphing another pregnancy story line?) Read More...



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Apr 2, 2012 8:44AM EDT

Hey there, I'm new to this site and am hoping someone can help me with a challenge. I'm preparing a speech to parents and want to include the clip of M Chang talking with his mother about his dream to dance. Is there any site that I can download clips? Or anyone have any other suggestion on how I can extract a clip or two? Thanks!

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