Ryan Talks About Maci's Boyfriend Kyle on 'Teen Mom' Reunion (VIDEO)

In the second of the two-part reunion special for 'Teen Mom' (Tue., 10PM ET on MTV), Dr. Drew talked with the two men in Maci's life, her boyfriend Kyle and the Ryan, who's the father of her child.

As you might expect in such a situation, the two didn't get along very well at first. Ryan admitted that a lot of the negative perceptions he had of Kyle had formed before he even met him. But he committed to giving him a fair shake, and after meeting him, he did text Maci and admit that Kyle was "a good dude."

That's not to say that negative things haven't been said back and forth, but it's inevitable when you have two different personalities and a child in the mix. The important thing is that even though they're still not friends, according to Ryan, there's at least a respect there.


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