Parenthood 3.04 "Clear Skies From Here on Out" Review

For a show that places as much of an emphasis on dialog as Parenthood does, sometimes the greatest moments can be in what's not said. A look, a touch, a hug - they can say more than pages and pages of dramatic monologues and stormy fights. Well, at least in the world of the Braverman family, who have taken that mighty fine quality from creator Jason Katims' previous series Friday Night Lights.

And just like Friday Night Lights, the characters in Parenthood leave some of their most interesting thoughts unsaid, which is what made "Clear Skies From Here on Out" such a good episode. We got the typical Braverman banter that any particular episode of Parenthood promises us, but the main theme of Tuesday night's installment was that sometimes it matters not what you say but what you don't say. Read More...


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