Naruto Season 1 Episode 18 The Weapons Known as Shinobi Episode Recap

Inari is running from door to door all throughout the village trying to get everyone riled up to defend both Tazuna and the town. But to his disappointment, no one wants to get involved. Even Giichi questions just what it's worth to get involved. Inari won't be deterred however, and declaring that nothing will be solved by running and hiding, runs off alone to get ready.

Back at the bridge Kakashi is still squared off with Zabuza, who is still under the grip of about a dozen dogs thanks to Kakashi's summoning jutsu. Kakashi lists each of Zabuza's crimes leading up to the present and proclaims that he no longer has a future. He begins to build up his chakra to do his Lightning Blade technique and all Zabuza can do is weakly struggle against the dogs.

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