'American Horror Story' review: Delivers on the scares, plot remains to be seen


"American Horror Story" throws a lot of scares and a lot of information at viewers in its premiere episode Wednesday (Oct. 5), making it hard to write a review because it seems like the show will need to air three or four episodes for viewers to really get a feel for it. So the succinct review is if horror is your thing, you should definitely check it out for a few episodes and decide for yourself.The show is based around the Harmon family. Mother Vivien (Connie Britton) is working through a traumatic miscarriage she had to deliver to term, while father Ben (Dylan McDermott) is trying to put his family back together after Vivien caught him sleeping with a student. He moves them plus their teenage daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga, much-younger sister to actress Vera Farmiga) across the country from Boston to an old Victorian mansion in Los Angeles.Why is their new mansion so cheap?...



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