Photos: Castle 4.05 "Eye Of The Beholder"

Friendly advice, Richard Castle. Run and hide from the shippers while you still can. That is all I have to say.

The upcoming 4.05 "Eye of the Beholder", scheduled to air on October 17th, has been incessantly talked about ever since spoilers about a possible new love interest for Castle surfaced a couple of months ago. Kristin Lehman guest stars as Serena Kaye, a smart, sexy insurance investigator, who joins our dynamic dui in the investigation, but she also has her eyes set on Castle, all the while hiding a very important secret from the team.

Well, according to the photos that have just been released by ABC, it looks like Serena Kaye will have a lot more than just her eyes set on Castle. Right now, I am willing to give the benefit of doubt and just hope this is going to be a "Nikki Heat" sort of episode, as I discussed in an article posted a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, whatever this turns out to be, it sure is going to have consequences in the relationship - or lack there of - between Castle and Beckett. I can only imagine what is going to go through Beckett's mind when she sees them kiss. I mean, the guy told her he loved her and from what we have seen so far, she has pretty much accepted that she loves him back and now he is kissing someone else? Ouch. Open your eyes, Detective. Clock is ticking and Castle won't be waiting around forever.

That said, let's all take a big, collective deep breath before freaking out. Remember when the "Nikki Heat" promo photos came out? There was a kiss then too and it turned out for the better in the end.


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