Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 36: An Excited Freeza Approaches!... Review

Krillin and Gohan are finally able to get their wishes granted so they ask Dende to ask Porunga to revive all the humans that were killed the Saiyans. Dende asked Porunga but it tells them that it can only revive one person at a time. Piccolo asks King Kai to allow him to talk to Gohan. He tells Gohan to revive him with the first wish because if he comes back to life, Kami on Earth will come back to Life, allowing the Dragon Balls on Earth to exist again. Then with the second wish he tells Gohan to transport him to Planet Namek so he can fight Frieza. As this is going on, Vegeta senses Frieza heading their way. He then realizes that the sky is dark and notices something wrong. He runs outside to notice Gohan and the Dragon Balls are missing. Then he notices Porunga. He rushes towards them. Dende quickly asks the first wish and Piccolo's halo is gone and because he's alive he appears in from the Mr. Popo on Earth. Krillin notices that Vegeta is headed their way so he asks Dende to get the second wish granted. The wish is granted but Dende doesn't specify where so he is transported but not where they are. Dende suggests to use the last wish to transport them to where they are but then he notices Vegeta has arrived and he is mad. Gohan slips and tells him that there's one wish left. After a bit of a struggle, Dende is about to grant Vegeta's wish to be immortal but just when Dende's about to, Porunga disintegrates into thin air dropping the Dragon Balls on the ground, the balls just turning in to stone. Dende starts crying to telling everything Guru has passed and since he created the Dragon Balls, Porunga is no more. As Vegeta is busy getting mad at Dende and faces Krillin and Gohan, he gets a look of horror. Krillin turns around and it's Frieza right behind them and he is not happy. They all step aside except Vegeta and he's ready to fight him but as Frieza is bringing his Ki up, he realizes again how strong Frieza is. Hopefully Goku will be healed soon!

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