Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 24 Review: Guru's Companions!...

Goku is notified that all the members that were killed during the Saiyan invasion all successfully made it to Kai's place. Goku tells Kai that not only is Vegeta on Planet Namek but there's someone else even stronger then him on the planet as well. Kai checks out the planet and finds out that it is in fact Frieza and tells Goku to stay away from him at all costs. Krillin and Dende continue to head to the Eldest Namek's hut, while Vegeta begins battle against Zarbon. At first it looks like Vegeta looks like he is winning but then Zarbon tells him a secret: he can transform. The reason why he's kept it under wraps is because Zarbon loves everything beautiful and his transformed is not. Vegeta thinks he's just making it all up but then Zarbon transformedhe transforms and Vegeta can't even lay a finger on him.

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