‘American Horror Story,’ Series Premiere: TV Recap

Well, that left quite a first impression, didn’t it? Let’s just say the rest of the season will have to do plenty of work to keep up with the amount of insanity crammed into this first hour of FX’s "American Horror Story."

For weeks we’ve been seeing creepy yet vague ads for the show, promising weirdness, scares and, because it’s from the creator of "Nip/Tuck" and "Glee," plenty of self-referential quirkiness. Just going by the pilot episode alone, I’d say it delivers, although the quirk, with its outrageous psychosexual connotations, is more of the "Nip/Tuck" variety. Don’t worry, though, Gleeks, there’s plenty of teenage alienation thrown in for good measure.

As the episode opens a title card tells us we’re in 1978. We see a decrepit old house, true "L.A. Victorian" as we’ll learn later in the episode, and hear some scary-movie music over the soundtrack … as well as the clinking of a wind chime made of animal skulls and bones. There’s a little girl, who appears to have Down syndrome, in a yellow dress standing in the overgrown front yard, gazing upon the house. Her bizarre idyll is interrupted by surly twin preteen punks with Danny Bonaduce red hair throwing rocks at the windows. These anti-Weasley twins are also equipped with baseball bats and flashlights, and their intentions are clear: indulge in some old-fashioned, boys-will-boys smashy smashy inside the house. "You’ll die in there," the little girl warns in a sweetly ominous tone. "You’re gonna regret it." Read More...



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