'Law & Order: UK' Review: 'Immune' (6.02)

When an armed robbery spins out of control into murder and a hostage situation, Ronnie and new partner Sam get the call to speak for the dead and save the living. They catch a quick break when one of the culprits turns up in the ER, but his lawyer (that's former Red Cap star Tamzin Outhwaite) demands her client gets a deal before he gives them the location of the hostage. This does not sit well with Sam, but over his objection, Sharpe gives the cops ten hours to find the hostage or he'll sign the papers. Clock's ticking, boys.

Ronnie and Sam start to dig through their suspect's life, paying visits to his mum and his girlfriend, the latter of whom informs them that he borrowed her van, and that he's still friendly with his former cellmate. They raid the cellmate's flat, but it's for naught - the suspect's lawyer has called the hostage's wife and has her breathing down Thorne's neck, so he signs the deal. When Sam and Ronnie get to the location they're given, however, they find their hostage dead. In fact, he's been dead for quite some time. They've all been played. Read More...



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