Ben told Amy on Secret Life of American Teenager

Early on Amy's parents spy on Ricky and Ashley. It was one of funnies moments. The parents were making comments about them. And the end, Ricky knew that they were listening. Ricky and Ashley have an intense conversation on their feeling. Ricky refers to his feeling as "flirting." Ashley thinks it's something else. They don't go anywhere. Both parents talk to Ashley about her feelings on a separate occasion. They don't want her to go out with him. Dad restricts it. I agree and think these two don't belong together at all. Ashley should choose someone that not the whole thing cast has got with.

Ben at the beginning has practice with a chair on how to tell Amy. It was hilarious. Who talks to empty chair? Only Ben does. Ben just has to tell Amy. Too much time has passed not to share it with her. Ben’s dad is taking it into his own hands. Ben's dad has decided to take a flight with Ben to visit Amy. So then Ben can tell her in person. He better man up. He does but it all comes out weird. Ben visits Amy in New York and shots it out because he is nervous. Maybe over the phone would have been better. I don't know which way. It's a tough subject either way.

Adrian announced to the whole school that she is having a baby and it's Ben. It was so funny. She doesn't care who finds out and rather not keep it as a secret. She shares with the world. She is happy about being pregnant. Ricky's mom returns for the day. Ricky's mom wants to spend time with Ricky. He holds back all his feeling until Ricky gives a hug emotional goodbye to his mom. His mom is sent to prison again for at least a year. She was found with a gun in her purse

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