Up All Night Review: "New Car"

Where was Bob Barker when you needed him? On "New Car" Chris and Reagan realized it was time for a new ride when a trip to the beach was thwarted by too much junk in their trunk. Unlike Fergie, Reagan did not know what to do with all that junk, so she and Chris turned to the spirits for answers. No, not spirits like the gods, spirits as in the Consumer Buyers Guide brought to you by Kendall Jackson. They might have made a wise choice if not for their the love of K.J., so they ended up with the winning bid on Chief Runs On Diesel's van. 

The drunken night, however, was one of several scenes in which Chris and Reagan totally clicked this week. Whether it was looking up famous Hollywood rides like the A-Team van or staring in awe at Pete as his spirit apparently flew away from them, it was clear the best comedic moments to date were on tonight. From the absurd, to the more realistic moments, like trying to install the car seat, they were spot on. Read More...



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