Survivor Review: He's a Small Russell Hantz

Semhar, Christine and Papa Bear.  The first three people voted out of Survivor made sense in terms of strengthening the tribe and in that there was no other obvious choice.  This week?  I can’t justify sending Stacey home ahead of two other very worthy candidates.

Brandon and Edna were insufferable this week and both were significantly better candidates to be sent to Redemption Island over Stacey.  Removing either form the tribe would have improved tribe morale and improved their chances of winning challenges.

(On a side note, what does the record for weight in this week’s challenge stand at?  Is it 240 lbs because Brandon and Jim reached 240 lbs, or is it what they successfully accomplished, i.e., 220 lbs.  In my opinion it should be the weight that you were actually able to hold.  Adding weight and then having the bar fall shouldn’t count for hoisting that amount of weight) Read More...


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