South Park Review: "Ass Burgers"

Wow.  Talk about continuity from the mid season finale.  With no time jump, we join back up with Stan in his depressed, cynical state during tonight's premiere.

When we arrive back in South Park, there's not just poo-looking waffles and poo-sounding radio programs, there's still a lame duck President and a Steamie Ray Vaughn.  Now that's continuity!

So where do Parker and Stone go?  As much as they talk about left turns, the episode stuck pretty well to the brilliant South Park formula.

Take some current events you want to mock, in this case Asperger's and vaccinations, and couple them with a ridiculous outlandish parody, in this case The Matrix, and bam.  You got yourself a clever episode that only these two could come up with. Read More...


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