'Criminal Minds' Recap: Best of 'Dorado Falls'

On this week's episode of Criminal Minds, the BAU investigates several murders, only to realize that things are not what they seem.

Top 5 Moments 

Parental issues:
 The UnSub (Unknown Subject) in this episode goes to see his parents, believing they are in danger, but when he gets to their home he is unable to recognize his own father. The father pleads with him to see the truth, but the UnSub is too far gone and murders his parents for being "impostors." 

Cute moments: There are several character moments scattered throughout this episode, presumably due to the decision to dedicate this season to the fans. In one scene, Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) quotes an old movie while flirting with Morgan, thus reminding viewers that these two often get together in their off-hours to watch movies, and in another, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) expresses excitement over the news that a missing employee used his vacation to attend a Doctor Who convention. (As a fellow Doctor Who fan, I was amused by the reference.) Read More...



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