Recap: 'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Survivalism'

Pre-credit sequence. Oh right. Team Ozzy voted Papa Bear out last week. I've pretty much forgotten everything this season that doesn't involve Crazy Russell's Crazy Nephew Brandon. And we aren't even starting on Redemption Island. Instead, we're over at Team Ozzy, where Ozzy and Elyse are cuddling on the hammock talking about Ozzy's tastes in literature, particularly his childhood love of "Robinson Crusoe." Their closeness is scaring Jim, who doesn't want Ozzy to become another Boston Rob, running the table with the help of a pliable female alliance, so he decides he has to target Ozzy's power base and boot Elyse out. Jim takes Cochran aside and proposes his desire to make a big move. "She's so freaking hot," Jim laments, though Cochran helpfully promises to don alluringly arranged seaweed. Cochran doesn't trust Jim and his perfectly white teeth, but he trusts the idea of his not going home next Tribal Council.

When the truth is found to be lies. Yikes. Those are some bombastic bells playing on the soundtrack. That can only mean that Brandon is back on the crazy-prowl. "This game is so jacked up in terms of people's feelings," Brandon says. And who better to set things right than St. Brandon? He apologizes more sincerely to Mikayla. "Dude, maybe you should think two or three times before you talk," Mikayla says, at least somewhat excusing Brandon's behavior because of his uncle. Next up, Brandon goes to Edna and says that he cares about her and doesn't want to lie to her anymore. For no reason, Brandon tells Edna that there's a Core Five, but no Core Six and that she's on the outside. "I'm just kinda surprised," Edna says. Suddenly, Edna is wearing a suit. "It's easier to believe the lie sometimes than it is to accept the truth," Edna says. And it's easier to believe lies or the truth when they come from somebody in a suit. Read More...


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