'Revenge' recap: Senatorial Shenanigans

There's something oddly comforting about how old-fashioned the horrible rich people are onRevengeLast week, Emily targeted a Wall Street banker whose worst crime was a little bit of wink-wink insider trading, which seems positively nostalgic in our post-Too Big To Failera. This week, the poor sap in Emily's Sniper-Scope of Convoluted Vengeance was a shady politician who clearly had to have a secret. But it turns out that he was just having a heterosexual love affair, complete with an old-fashioned illegitimate bun-in-the-oven. NoTwitPics? No wide stance? Ryan Murphy would not be amused.

Still, I'm digging the fact that Emily's vengeance-quest is taking her beyond the usual type of Hamptons elite. Senator Kingsley was just in town for a little money-grabbing speech to prepare for his re-election campaign. Victoria was surprised that he knew who Emily was: She was a senior volunteer in his first campaign. (Given how many years of set-up went into Emily's vengeance, I'm surprised she didn't tattoo her master plan all over her body,Prison Break-style.) Kingsley had another link to Emily, though. When he was a Federal Prosecutor, he led the case against Emily's father. Read More...



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