Criminal Minds Review: "Dorado Falls"

Well well, the Criminal Minds writers sure do know how to make us gasp in suspense now, don't they?

When this week's especially deadly UnSub answered Rossi's question, "Where are you?" over the phone with a chilling, "Right behind you," I nearly lept off my couch. Yeah! Now that's the kind of action this show is stellar at creating.

I have to say, of all of the fast-moving episodes in past seasons, this one took a little rewinding and re-watching to figure out completely. I did, however, think "Dorado Falls" was a solid episode, even if it did have me feeling a little slow on the uptake this week. The use of the psychological detachment disorder known as Capgras Syndrome to move us seamlessly between an office massacre, a double murder, a kidnapping and an FBI headquarters infiltration was pretty brilliant. Plus, I learned a little something, and who doesn't like getting a little education with our entertainment, right? Read More...


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