America's Next Top Model Review: "Anthony Zuiker"

Oh my, who says models aren't smart?  In "Anthony Zuiker," we got an early look at the most painful challenge that all ANTM candidates face: memorizing lines. But double the pain because they had to memorize difficult (re: unpronounceable) medical jargon for CSI. 

In almost every cycle of ANTM to date, there was a medical mishap; in Cycle 6, Danielle suffered from food poisoning in Thailand, in Cycle 7, CariDee almost got hypothermia.  This cycle it was…Kayla with a serious headache.

After Kayla overdosed on ibuprofen, the poor thing had a "mini-heart attack" and was taken to the hospital.  Thankfully, she returned to model mansion looking as good as new, even if she did look drained throughout the episode. 

The actual CSI challenge was seriously painful to watch.  Neosporin?  Gas?  Mass?  Ass?  These were just some of the words that the girls threw around as they attempted to pronounce "gas chromatograph mass spectrometer."  Read More...


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