Bleach Season 13 Episode 253 Review: Muramasa�s True Identity Revealed

Byakuya manages to win his showdown against Kouga, and as he struggles to keep standing, Kouga tries to call out to Muramasa. Muramasa, however, doesn't respond, and Kouga falls into the lake. At that moment, Muramasa is undergoing a transformation, and his body turns into a vortex that starts sucking in all the Hollows that Ichigo and friends were trying to take care of. It results in Muramasa gaining an Arrancar body, granting him great speed and making him very tough to fight. Byakuya even has to step in to save Inoue and Rukia from a Cero. Inoue, however, thinks that Muramasa hasn't completely changed into a Hollow and tries to reason with him, but it's ultimately no use, and Ichigo has to bring out his own mask to fight Muramasa. Ichigo is able to gain the upper hand, but after Muramasa falls, his body turns into a jelly-like substance that envelopes Ichigo and then takes the form of a giant dome-like creature. It starts spitting out Menos and causes a Garganta to open in the sky, and Rukia and Inoue are forced to run. Luckily for them, Sode no Shirayuki arrives to save them, but it's not just her: it's all of the Shinigami and their respective Zanpakutou.

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