Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 27: A Hair-Trigger Pinch! Review

Krillin gives up the Dragon Ball to Vegeta after he defeats Zarbon, knowing that he wouldn't stand a chance against Vegeta. It's all in his plan though since he's counting on Gohan to find the last Dragon Ball. While heading towards his stashed Dragon Balls, Vegeta senses Gohan. Gohan senses him to so he masks his ki and hides the Dragon Ball. Vegeta knows someone is around so he threatens to destroy the whole area. Gohan eventually goes out but is able to keep the Dragon Ball hidden. He's almost busted for the Radar but he tells him it's a watch. Vegeta gets to the lake where he threw his first Dragon Ball but is unable to find it. He eventually realizes that what Gohan was holding was not in fact a watch but a Radar of some sorts. He completely loses it and tries to find them but with both Krillin and Gohan masking their ki he's unable to find them. Frieza gets word that the Ginyu Force will be shortly, while Goku is training hard in Space still. Next episode is the entrance of Ginyu Force!

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