FREE AGENTS “Rebranding” Review

FREE AGENTS "Rebranding" Season 1, Episode 4 – I recently re-watched the Free Agents pilot episode just to make sure I wasn’t kidding myself the first time I had watched it. I was pretty excited about the potential Free Agents had to become one of my new weekly favorites and after a second watch, I still think the pilot was great. Unfortunately the episodes that have followed have failed to deliver that charm and I feel like I’m stuck watching the same cycle repeat itself over and over again.

I got my hopes up with the introduction of Dawn, a cute divorcee that Alex met after his co-workers set up a dating profile online for him. When Alex hung up on Helen while he was on his date, I thought that finally we were going to see something different. Of course, right at the point where things could have become interesting with Dawn, she dissolved into a throw away character that wouldn’t change a thing about the way Helen and Alex interacted. Initially, Dawn seemed like a character that might bring some new conflict to the usual plot pattern and lead us into a little bit of character development, but that was not the case. Read More...


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