UP ALL NIGHT “New Car” Review

UP ALL NIGHT "New Car" Season 1 Episode 4 – Congratulations to Up All Night for getting picked upfor a whole season. With this week’s episode, "New Car," I’m starting to see why it seems to have survived.

Not that there was anything necessarily ground-breaking in the plot. New parent realizes they can’t keep their pre-baby car and need to get a practical, family vehicle. But in this show, it’s Regan the mother, not Chris the father, who is trying to hold on to her BMW convertible. To be fair, it’s a pretty sweet ride. But it’s definitely not baby friendly.

After a few bottles of wine and some misguided Ebay bidding, Regan and Chris become the proud owners of a Native American spirit guide’s van which they quickly trade in for a standard, suburbanite SUV. After a few tweaks (a tape deck here, some painted stripes there), they have a family car they can both be proud to drive. Read More...



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