SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC “Survivalism” Review

Survivor: South Pacific "Survivalism", Season 23 Episode 4 – Survivor returned this week with a much different opening than we’ve seen in past episodes of this show. "Survivalism" started with Ozzy and Elyse having a nice bonding moment, as Elyse asked Ozzy about his childhood and where he got his love of the outdoors. It was a nice change of pace from usually seeing the aftermath of the tribal council. It’s the small, personal moments that make up the majority of the time on Survivor, but it seems like we only ever see the strategizing.

It did feel like we had a lot of time before the duel, though. The duel started 12 minutes in, as opposed to usually being around the six or seven minute mark. Christine wins it, and lives to annoy me another day.

We saw some interesting strategizing before the challenge this week, as Jim and Cochran felt that they were on the outs with their tribe and talked about making a big "Survivor move". Cochran’s enthusiasm for this game is really infectious, as he thinks about the exciting prospect of sending Ozzy home. Read More...


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