Sons of Anarchy: 4.05 'Brick' Review

What's sticking with me most this season on Sons of Anarchy, is how much there's this overall 'beginning of the end' feeling. Not to mention this season there's been one hell of a slow build, but this week we're given some real movement from a few of the big plots. The deals are getting more dangerous, the club member's lives are threatened by outside forces as well as from within their own ranks, and one of the show's longest-running mysteries has been solved. Finally, after hinting at it pretty overtly for the entire run of the show, Clay admits out loud that he set up the murder of Jax's father, John Teller. It's hinted at in the letters and confirmed later on when Clay talks to both Gemma and Unser at different points in the episode. The letters have found themselves in the possession of Jax's fiancée, Tara. Gemma and Clay decide the letters must be destroyed so that Tara, and Piney who also knows the damning content of those letters, have nothing on them.

To have Clay and Gemma dealing with this problem together showed the more believable dynamic between the two than something like Clay attacking his wife in front of other club members. Gemma is never better than when she's take-charge and protective over the ones she loves, and it's evident that this includes Tara enough to at least keep her out of immediate harm. When she insisted that nothing happen to Tara or Piney, there was this moment in Clay's reply that made you wonder if he'd keep that promise to his wife. It's hard to argue that someone who over the years has set up the death of his best friend, ordered a hit on another club member's old lady, and murdered various others along the way would stop at Jax's old lady—not if it means protecting what he's turned SAMCRO into. It's obvious that once he realized what the Sons could really do and how much money they could earn doing it that it would take a lot for Clay Morrow to ever back down or let anyone live to threaten his way of doing things for very long. Read More...


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