Survivor: South Pacific 23.04 "Survivalism" Recap

If you missed last week's recap (and my analysis in haiku!), catch up with my recap here.

This week's episode begins at Savaii on then morning of Day Nine.  Elyse lies in a hammock with Ozzy who says his family isn't sporty, but he loved Robinson Crusoe as a kid.  Jim notices the bond between the two, and is wary of Ozzy running the game like Rob, so he wants to get Elyse out.  Jim runs to Cochran and says they should get rid of the "Variable," Elyse.  Cochran says Jim is a sleazy, untrustworthy guy, but Elyse going next is music to his ears.

Over at Upolu, Brandon says that his pride has ruined his game, so he's decided to be a better player.  He apologizes to Mikayla for his temper, and though Mikayla confesses that it's nice he apologized, maybe he should think before he speaks.  Brandon then goes to Edna and says that he cares about her because she's been a good friend.  He tells her about the Core Five, and Edna says she's surprised to not be part of it.  Edna confides to the camera that she now believes she will be the next to go as the others simply tolerate her.

Tree Mail arrives at the Savaii camp in the form of new swimsuits!  Two must also go to the Redemption Island Arena.  No one jumps to go, but Jim and Cochran reluctantly agree to go.  Seeing Whitney and Elyse running around in their bathing suits, Dawn worries about her age -- she needs to show the tribe what she can do immediately or she'll be the next to go.  Ozzy notices that Jim is trying to play the game too hard, too early by asking about what he should say to the other tribe at the...


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