How Hot is Revenge's Ice Queen?

Do not mess with Revenge's Victoria Grayson. As we've tweeted about before, the woman gives "I will cut you" eyes like nobody's business, and last night, she was no less frightening. Which is why we worship at her well-heeled feet and leapt at the chance to chat up Madeleine Stowe. Just be careful: Stowe says that Victoria may not be the only villainess keeping the Hamptons hopping.

TV Guide Magazine: OK, we love Victoria. She is so nasty!
Oh thank you! I adore [executive producer] Mike Kelley for giving me that kind of latitude. A lot of stuff is going to be happening with her. She has more to hide!

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds like we're going deeper into her backstory...
We have been having some major discussions about earlier stories and what has made Victoria the creature she is. And "creature" is the right word! It should be really fascinating. There is an early story of her adolescence that is very...


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