'The X-Factor' Boot Camp Brings Great Performances

Last night, ‘X Factor’ just about redeemed itself.

Let’s go ahead and pretend that the 20 minute time-suck that was the cattle call dance, glorified haircut Steve Jones' voiceovers, and whip-quick one-note auditions with non-sequitur judge responses at the beginning didn’t happen, and cut right into the meat of last night’s boot camp show: The stunning group performances.

Normally, throwing a bunch of strangers together and forcing music upon them is a sure way to get trainwrecks, crying and harmonies that would make The Beach Boys rise from their graves and go on a surfboard-wielding zombie rampage. These are the types of shows that normally exist only to create fights and drama with the actual performances just an afterthought to the battle royale of egos that come before. Read More...



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