Modern Family Recap of Season 3, Episode 4: ''Door to Door''

After nearly plowing down a power-walking Phil with her SUV, Clairerealizes that gossiping while driving is a surefire (and deadly!) recipe for flattening one's husband.

But because Claire is Claire, she passionately takes up the crusade to have a new stop sign installed. Only problem, though: She needs 50 signatures on her petition, but has zero help from her fam.  

See, when Claire's focused on one of her impassioned causes du jour — and isn't micro-managing everyone else with maniacal, Stasi-like precision — her family's free to kick back and relax. Which, in Phil andLuke's case, translates into a bumbling attempt at basketball YouTubeglory (one can guess at how well that turns out). Read More...


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