'Survivor: South Pacific's' Mark 'Papa Bear' Caruso: 'My tribe is scattered'


Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso was the second person sent home from "Survivor: South Pacific," but he tells Zap2it he couldn't be happier with the experience of "Survivor."Are you glad you did Survivor? Was it everything you hoped or expected it to be?"I had the time of my life. I had this opportunity given to me from Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst. They chose me out of thousands and thousands of people. Best experience of my life. I'm a family guy, I'm a regular guy on the street and they chose me. How can I walk away with anything but the best experience of my life?"Would you have done anything differently if you could do it over?I would love that opportunity some day in the future. But I think everything I can do, I did to the best of my ability. A lot of it's where you land and which tribe you're on. A lot of...



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