Naruto Season 1 Episode 19 The Demon in the Snow Episode Recap

Gato and a large group of his henchmen arrive at the battle. He provokes Naruto by kicking Haku's corpse, and Naruto yells at Zabuza because he did not get angry when Gato kicked Haku's body. Then, Zabuza asks Naruto for a kunai and Naruto throws him one. Images of Haku flash on the screen. Next, Zabuza catches the kunai in his mouth. He charges at the group of henchman and cuts through them, reaching Gato. He then slashes Gato in the chest to death (in the manga, he decapitates him), telling Gato that they are both going to Hell. Afterwards, it quiets down. Suddenly, the remaining henchmen realize that they still outnumbering the others. Kakashi clones himself to intimidate them, but it is not needed, as the people of the village arrive and force the henchmen to give up. The episode ends with it starting to snow, and Naruto and the rest of Team 7 leave the village.

Naruto states he will go to Iruka Sensei to treat him to Ramen for succeeding in the mission, while Sakura decides to go on a date with Sasuke. Of course, Sasuke declines the date, and Naruto goes and ask Sakura if she would like to date him instead. Sakura angrily declines and the arc ends.

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