'The Vampire Diaries': Kat Graham previews Bonnie's return to the ghost town of Mystic Falls


We've spent the last few days singing along to Kat Graham's newest song from her upcoming album (she's offering a free download!), so it's only fitting that tonight, Kat makes her triumphant return to "The Vampire Diaries" after being MIA so far this season. (Yes, we know we saw her briefly in the premiere, but that was product placement, not plot development!) Move over, Chance Harbor witches... our girl is back on Thursday nights."Bonnie returns from summer with the normal side of the family," executive producer Julie Plec tells us -- referring, of course, to the side of Bonnie's family that doesn't have a grimoire in every bathroom for some light reading. "Bonnie says 'Boy, summer with the normal side of my family is like watching paint dry,' and Caroline says, 'Well, I'd give a lot for a normal side of my family right now,' having what she's just been through."While she's been away, Bonnie's...



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