Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 25 Review: Kuririn's Power-Up! Freeza Foreboding's Squirming

Krillin and Dende finally get to the Eldest Namek's place. They are greeted by Nail, one of the strongest Namekians. Guru tells them about the Dragon Balls, his condition, and what's happened to the Namek nation. He searches through Krillin's mind to find out about Earth. He finds out about Kami and Piccolo, and that his intentions are pure. He awakens his hidden power and then asks if he can bring Gohan to him. He gives him

Guruthe Dragon Ball so at the very least, it avoids Frieza and Vegeta from getting it. He also warns them that it may only be a few days before the Dragon Balls become ineffective, since his life is coming to a close. Meanwhile, Zarbon reports back to Frieza that Vegeta is finished, but no corpse is found. Frieza suspects Vegeta might have gone to another town and hid one of the Dragon Balls. He tells Zarbon that if he doesn't find Vegeta alive, he's going to kill him. He goes out to search Vegeta healingfor him and luckily for Zarbon, he got out of the water and passed out. He takes him back to the ship and puts him in the recovery chamber. Next episode will have some action sequence. Stoked.

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