Naruto Season 1 Episode 20 A New Chapter Begins: The Chunin Exam! Episode Recap

After completing their mission in the Land of Waves, they finally return to Konohagakure. Although Sasuke saved Naruto's life there teamwork seems to have gotten even worse than before. When Team 7 resume missions, Naruto Uzumaki is only focused on beating Sasuke, causing him to screw-up on all of the missions. He de-weeds a woman's garden but also pulls out her special herbs. He nearly falls off a waterfall before being saved by Sasuke yet again. He then chooses the largest dog to walk, which he can not control and is sent off into a mine field. Kakashi decides that their teamwork is too off that day and sends them all home. Before they return home Sasuke aggravates Naruto even more by saying that if Naruto wants to get better to just become stronger than him. Before Sasuke leaves Sakura asks him if they can work on their "teamwork". Sasuke says that if she has time to flirt she should be working on her skills. He then crushes her by saying she's as bad as Naruto. Then delivers the final blow by saying she is even worse then Naruto.

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