Community Review: "Competitive Ecology"

I'm a big fan of Community, so it's sad for me to have to give this week such a crap review. In "Competitive Ecology," the study group spent an episode arguing over who should partner up for a group project. Chang also lost his mind.

When the episode kicked off, Chang was living in the boiler room and had a mannequin's leg as a girlfriend. He named her Veronica. I found myself wondering if Chang is always this creepy because normally I find Ken Jeong hilarious.

Sorry to say it, but Chang has straight up gone bonkers. I mean, none of his dialogue even made sense here. it was complete jibberish.

Not only was it incoherent, but it was boring. I could barely pay attention to those scenes after a few minutes. Maybe it's the job as security guard. He is taking himself too seriously. I prefer my Senor Chang as the bitter, backbiting lunatic who greases himself up and crawls through the vents. What about you guys? Read More...


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