Community 3.03 "Competitive Ecology" Recap

"Competitive Ecology" opens with Chang dreaming about being a real detective while Professor Kane gives his students their first biology assignment – construct a terrarium. He instructs everyone to partner up with different classmates, who they will work with for the entire year. Naturally, the study group - appalled at being split up - doesn’t take this very well. They take matters into their own hands by visiting Professor Kane and plead their case for partnering up on their own terms. I had to outwardly laugh at Professor Kane’s comment following their explanations - "what is happening at this school? I have so many conversations that make no sense!" Kudos to Harmon & Company for never failing in their ability to make fun of themselves - with class.

Professor Kane grants their request, and the group goes to tell their partners why they can’t be with them (the best excuse, by a long shot, was Jeff’s imitation of Abed – "Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars…cool, cool, cool." Afterwards, the group tries to figure out how they’re going to divide up. Pierce, of course, is left out, partnering with apparently easy-going Todd.

Chang goes to the Sgt. Nunez and tells him that he’s ready to be a real detective – a request that’s essentially laughed off. Sgt. Nunez tells him that Chang only been there a month and has barely done anything. "You want to detect something? Do it on your own time," he tells Chang before leaving, after which Chang delves into a hysterical Film Noir montage in which he resolves to solve any crime at Greendale. Read More...


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