'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Kat is Back

Oh, Nina Dobrev, we hope you enjoyed the normal workload (and trips to that lake house the cast rented together for the summer), because with Katherine teaming up with Damon at the end of this episode, we know we're about to see a lot more of you. And we're not complaining. Imagine how juicy this will be with Katherine (still hopefully) scheming as we learn more about the Originals and why Klaus is afraid of the mysterious vampire hunter Michael (future recurring guest star Sebastian Roche). How many loose cannons can we have firing at once?

Let's dig in: I love that the show made time for something practical like Rebekah needing to shop for clothes since she hadn't changed since the '20s. As Klaus and Stefan sipped champagne, Rebekah lamented how little clothing women wear today. I can't wait to hear what Rebekah says when she watches The Secret Circle and sees those necklines. I'd make her watch Burn Notice, too, for Fiona's wardrobe, but also because I think she'd get a kick out of her always wanting to blow stuff up. Before I spend any more time programming the DVR of a fictional character -- see: me gettingJustified's Timothy Olyphant to admit Raylan Givens would probably enjoy Magnum, P.I.repeats -- let's move on. Read More...



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