Prime Suspect Review: "Bitch"

Surprisingly, "Bitch" had nothing to do with Jane.

That’s a little shocking I know, but with the sexism toned down there’s a whole lot more to love about Jane, the beef trust, and the show.

It was nice to see Jane’s father Desmond and learn a little bit more about him and what he does. I just wish there was more of it because it ended up being a quick shot of the locals and then an immediate robbery.

Which leads me to my biggest gripe about the episode: the female robbery Detective Rivera. Was her plot thread purposely left dangling or was there no closure to her case on purpose to illustrate a potential parallel to Jane? For the amount of screen time she had and the numbers of questions and input she received from Jane I wanted a little more. While I understand the initiative she had and wanting to learn from the female detective "with a reputation" it would have been nice to see how all of it panned out. Read More...


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