Emily is okay on Pretty Little Liars

The end of homecoming leaves Emily with blood on her face. Toby drops her off at the emergency room. She was to have stitches for Toby attacked her. She really likes Mia. She's afraid to date her because her parents. She decides to be honest with herself and wants to make things work with Mia. Jenna visits Emily to ask Emily to get her Toby's files and wonders where he is.

Spencer sneaks behind the kitchen to visit the boy to ask for another date or a do over. But he cancels it because he has to work. She decides to help him in the kitchen. There is awkward tension at Arielle's house because parents are still in the rough patch. They decide to be separated for a little awhile. Hannah and her bf are also going through some bad stuff too. He's mad at her from what happened at the dance. He sends flowers to Arielle. The yearbook guy seems to be flirting with her when they hang out. They still have study session together but it's not as smooth as used to be.

The three girls destroy the file and Emily disagrees to destroy it. They toss it into the river. I wonder where it would go. I hope Jenna doesn't do anything to get back at them. Jenna is sad because Toby's bike is found trashed and he's probably dead. A mystery person picks up a few pages from Toby's files. I knew that was going to haunt them. I would have done what Hannah decided which was to burn them at least then no one else will see them if they did that. Drama rises on Pretty Little Lairs.

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