SUPERNATURAL “The Girl Next Door” Review

SUPERNATURAL "The Girl Next Door" Season 7 Episode 3 – First up I just have to say bravo Jensen Ackles! Another fantastic directing job on another fantastic episode.

After the intense first couple episodes of this season, tonight’s trip into memory lane for Sam was almost tame by comparison. We start out with the boys in the LeviHospital, probably ready to become appetizers in the not-too-distant future, when Bobby shows up and saves the day. After that, things get quite for a while as Dean mopes around in a cast and Sam is still having to cause himself pain to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

But when Sam hears about some suspicious killings, he goes off in search of the culprit and winds uptracking down a woman he met as a kid. Turns out she’s been killing all right, but only to keep her son alive.

That’s where things got tough. Because I felt for her, I really did. I’m not a mom but I can imagine wanting to do anything to save my child. Yet, if it was a human going out and killing innocent people to save her children, would we let them do it? No, I don’t think so. Read More...


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