HUNG: “Take The Cake; Are You Packing” Review

HUNG "Take the Cake; Are You Packing" – Feels to me like Burson and Lipkin are taking solid steps to right the wayward ship that was Hung‘s second season.

Striding right from a promising season premiere, "Take The Cake; Are You Packing," written by Julia Brownell and directed by Uta Brieswitz, jumped right into the pool by having gigolo n00b Jason (Stephen Arnell) swoop right in and steal one of Ray’s regulars while he watches (plus, he brought acupcake). I think I’m going to enjoy this rivalry; Arnell reminds me a little of a young Chris O’Donnell, and it’s kind of like they took Robin to Ray’s Batman, turned him against him from the get-go and stirred shit up right away.

(I only bring the Caped Crusader up because I suspect Ray and Jason will eventually find themselves on the same side. Just a suspicion.) Read More...


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