HOMELAND “Grace” Review

HOMELAND "Grace" Season 1 Episode 2 – Last week I declared this to be my favorite show of the fall, and its second episode just further cements it as the best new show of the season. It’s tense, gripping, exciting stuff without resorting to gunfights and explosions. In fact, the climax of the episode was not a Jack Bauer-esque thirty seconds to stop an armed nuke going off in Downtown LA while warring Serbian gangs fight over who can kill you, but a prayer in a garage without surveillance, Carrie’s blindspot.

Too often shows dwell in political ambiguity or, worse, pretend and indeed aspire to be nothing more than pure entertainment. Homeland manages to be entertaining, but also challenging in its assessmentof the ethics of surveillance. Carrie sits in her apartment, eating Chinese food, watching Brody talk with his son and punch a reporter, watching Brody hurt his wife in a nightmarish dream (this, by the way, was handled superbly, without any sentimentality or angst, just unease and hope and despair; I trust that with all the praise being heaped on Danes’ and Lewis’ stellar performances, no one forgets what Morena Baccarin brings to the show), watching Brody refuse to say grace at dinner (another fantasticscene; I love how the daughter abstained as well, whether because of her own scepticism or because she wants to be like her father, who knows.) Read More...



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