PAN AM “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” Review

PAN AM "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" Season 1 Episode 3 – The girls say "Wilkommen in Deutschland!" in "Ich Bin Ein Berliner," this week’s episode of Pan Am. Yes, we’re off to Berlin, and in the months following the installation of the Berlin Wall, the only glamorous thing about Western Germany is John F. Kennedy’s now-famous visit.

Maggie, who might be a bigger fan of JFK than Marilyn Monroe, is thrilled to make the trip as the flightis almost entirely made up of journalists traveling to cover the president’s speech. She saddles herself to the cute reporter from the Village Voice (and his press pass) in her quest to meet Kennedy, which culminates in him waving at her from Air Force One. I loved her enthusiasm (which is going to turn into horrible, gut-wrenching sorrow in a few months with the assassination), but at several moments, I feared Christina Ricci’s eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets.

Kate has another assignment in Berlin and manages to botch it by getting tangled up with an East German spy who claims she wants to defect. Unable to simply leave the girl to her fate, Kate brings her to what passes for the US Embassy during the party for Kennedy. We don’t learn exactly what happens to the girl, but Kate isn’t winning any points with her MI6 contact. Read More...


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