AGAINST THE WALL “Boys Are Back” Review

AGAINST THE WALL "Boys Are Back" Season 1 Episode 10 – It seems like everyone did a bad, bad thing in "Boys Are Back," this week’s episode of Against the Wall. Except for the poor little girl who got injured during a cop brawl. And maybe Lina, who needs to have that baby before she explodes.

When a fight breaks out at a wedding between two cops (after the best man finds the bride having sex in a bathroom stall when she’s supposed to be walking down the aisle), Abby and Lina try to put all ofthe pieces together to figure out who’s responsible for the injured flower girl, but too many of the officers involved are lying to either cover their asses or protect their partners.

Eventually, a second, more sinister crime is uncovered, as the same jerk who seduced the bride got drunk and raped an even drunker cop after the wedding. He was then tossed over a balcony (a short one) by her partner. Quite a mess, but only the rapist is arrested. Everyone else pools their suspension pay to help the little girl’s mother cover her hospital bills. See? Cops care.

Although, sometimes they care a little too much. Construction on Mama Kowalski’s bakery has begun and everyone has come out to lend a hand, including Mackie (Abby’s BFF whose name we might not have known up until now) and her new boyfriend, a real winner who Don quickly recognizes as a convicted felon. Read More....


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