GOSSIP GIRL “The Jewel of Denial” Review

GOSSIP GIRL "The Jewel of Denial" Season 5 Episode 3 – Well, color me shocked! In "The Jewel of Denial," only the third episode of this season of Gossip Girl, we got the answer to a question that I figured we’d be wondering about until at least Christmas hiatus. Who is the father of Blair’s baby?

We’ll get to that eventually. Like Blair, I’m a procrastinator.

There was a fashion show this week which meant a lot of pretty dresses (Blair’s especially). Serena’s mom got released from house arrest. Charlie/Ivy realized that she has just as much dirt over her fake mommy’s head as Carol has over her, giving her leverage to stay in New York and even to move into Casa de van der Woodsen. But she also had her phone taken by Nate and Diana; her secrets are on the brink of full disclosure. Read More...



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