CASTLE “Kick the Ballistics” Review

CASTLE "Kick the Ballistics" Season 4 Episode 4 – Thank you cast and crew of tonight’s Castle for another one of those serious episodes that I’ve come to love. Thank you also for adding more fuel to the fire underneath my Ryan crush. The embers of that crush began the moment I spotted him but were fanned a bit in last season’s episode where he and Castle came up against the 3XK Killer.

Tonight’s episode harkened back to that one as Ryan’s gun, the same gun Tyson took from him that day, is used in the murder of a young girl. Needless to say, Ryan is torn up by what happened and makes it his personal mission to find the real killer and bring them to justice. The rest of the team is on the same mission but also take on the task of making sure that Ryan is okay as well. I really enjoyed watching how they all came together to protect him, each in their own way. Read More...


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